Sunday, December 7, 2008


I've heard a certain type of entitlement being asked for by "the majority" every now and then and at work recently. When a comment on the radio mentioned gay pride, someone spoke up wondering why they can't have a "straight pride" and wanting to "come out" as a heterosexual. It was said somewhat in jest but probably a sincere inquiry.
It's hard not to be an asshole in these situations, especially at work. Do you just let it go, be silent and passive about it? Speak out and not get listened to? I usually just turn my ipod up and roll my eyes. I tried to give an explanation but I could see the ADD of the listener kicking in half way through. I got bored of my own rebuttal.
The complaint is based around not just a desire to have an attribute of identity validated but more of an assumption that existing as "something" deserves respect, which is not what having "Gay pride" is about. Being proud to be gay isn't saying "because I exist as a homosexual I deserve respect", which is the assumption behind being proud to be straight, white, and/or male derives it's worth. But it isn't simple "existence" that demands Pride. It is existence in the face of opposition, an assertion of self worth where it has been denigrated. Why straight white males are so in love with themselves that they have to be the biggest and best of all is the real question. When such attributes like White power is mentioned it has nothing to do with reclaiming dignity, or asserting something that has been denied, it is a statement of superiority based on a worldview that belittles anything different than white straight males. Simply existing as such deserves respect according to their worldview.

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