Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gallery piece

ihate typing on a keyboard. So now im using a "pen" and a warm tablet to write , then the computer translates my hand writing in to text. I can also "paint" with this thing as you can see from the "painting "above.i love this thing, but it does make errors so watch out, cause in too lazy to use the keyboard ever again,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

please please please

My Buddy Jeff is back in town and I'm super excited to record his new material. Jeff is such a nice dude. So sincere and unpretentious. His songs reflect both a dude who's been through it yet still is upbeat. Here is a rough mix of the song we recorded tonight with backing vocals by Becky, who I just met so I don't know her last name.

Follow this link to hear "come back to me"LISTEN to "come back to me"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

women as lovers

I have a poster in my living room from this album, depicting a nude figure bound at he feet and hands with the lines from the song "the Leash" from the album "Women as Lovers." The lines from the song state" to have lied to a lover, if for want of a pure touch, to be common, to be seen as I am." I recently had my parents over for a visit, and as my mom left she asked if I could take the poster down next time she came over. It seemed funny to me at the time.
This album, taken from the Jenilek novel of the same name, is bogged down with the classic identity issues of subjectivity and objectivity. I haven't read the novel but from the title and the issues in the Xiu Xiu album, it seems to recall the same issues that Luce Irigaray develops in her work "The Sex Which is Not One". maybe i'm just drunk right now, I am(HI CHRIS!!!LOVE YOU BUDDY), but the titles even refer to each other.
listening to "women as lovers" has made me dwell on so many issues from the mentioned to themes to how those themes define so many issues in our society: Israeli(subject)/Palestinian(object), Americans(subject)/Native Americans(object), Men(subject)/Women(object), Good(subject)/Evil(object).....yet Baudrillard in his
"Intelligence of Evil" says, "Evil has no objective reality. Quite the contrary, it
consists in diverting of things from their "objective" existence, in their reversal, their return."...from which i draw means some sort of return to a Subject speaking evil, for if the Good is to really fight the Evil, the good can't just objectify evil as something to fight against, the Good must assume that the Evil takes on a subjective voice that "speaks evil" as Baudrillard insists. This reversal gives validation to the cause of the Good. It's not enough to simply want to believe that the Evil sees itself as "good," thereby empathizing with it, Evil cannot Subject itself as the Good and have "good" intentions, Evil must speak "evil" to warrant the wrath of the "good."
What is odd is both Baudrillard and Foucault agree that Violence is neither evil(in baudrillardian terms) or power(in foucaultian terms), but of a different order altogether. So I wonder about the first lines of the song "The Leash," Perseus holds the head of Medussa, oh how I wish i could be her." The final word holds us in suspense. Instant a reversal of subjectivity is implied, from the Hero to the Villain. If the poster in my room implies anything it is asking a question of where the line between subjectivity and objectivity is drawn in bondage/s&m. If the role of master or servant is willingly agreed to, both to feel pleasure ( as seen in Jenilek's novel "The Piano Teacher") then all bets are off, subjectivity is an undecidable feature in the mix. The video "Master of the Bump" recalls such imagery.
"to be common, to be seen as I am" Is this line begging for a draw in the subjectivity/objectivity game? Can the object see the subject as an object and is there any real connection("pure touch")?
My favorite movie that deals with this topic is "Notre Musique" by Godard. Highly recommended. In the end an Israeli student is frustrated by her subjective stance to the Palestinian occupation that she becomes a suicide bomber and asks other Israeli's to join her, in the end she is shot alone with no bomb on her.

Friday, October 17, 2008

In my room

I get off mind numbing work and come home around 12 at night. I know its a bad idea to eat or watch tv or anything in bed if you have sleeping problems, yet I don't care. Since I got my new laptop I spend a great deal of time with it in bed, yes, in bed. I have been using it as a sketch pad for music ideas quite regularly, and even though I could record using my other system with nice preamps, eqs, and compressors I love just plugging in to an 1/8th inch jack and jotting down ideas in my bed. Maybe because when I was young I would draw and paint in bed all night. So here is one sketch that I did.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flickin' through a little book of sex tips

I can't get this out of my head:

Fluorescent Adolescent

You used to get in your fishnets
now you only get it in your night dress
discarded all the naughty nights for niceness
landed in a very common crisis
everythings in order in a blackhole
nothing seems so pretty as the past though
that bloody mary is lacking in tobasco,
remember when you used to be a rascal?

A great song about longing for the spice you lose domesticating your life.
I love how British these boys sound.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nature is a Language

"Nature is a language can't you read?"
The implied obviousness of this question is ironic and perhaps totally unintended. Morrissey tackled the apparent naturalness of nature in a number of The Smiths songs: "if the day came when I feel a natural emotion, I'd get such a shock I'd probably jump in the ocean..", " I could have been wise and I could have been free but nature played this trick on me.", "Will nature make a man of me yet?"," Love is natural and real but not for such as you and I my love." etc. The lyrics indicate a character who is somehow outside nature, someone for whom nature doesn't work with. In the song "Ask" Morrissey's Nature, the shy and coy one, is unable to socially communicate his intentions and hopes the other one will ask him to participate in something natural. The lyrics to " Girl Afraid", "Stretch Out and Wait," "Seasick yet still Docked" all portray a struggle with a desire to join in the impulses of the natural world, but this crippling barrier of not only shyness but an uncertainty of social cues and desires prevents him of making a move. The line "Nature is a Language" can suggest a deconstructed and debilitating uncertainty in the natural/social world. Derrida, Paul de Man, and Barbara Johnson all point out the undecidable nature of language usage. If Nature is a language then the same undecidable characteristics plague it as well, the signs perhaps don't signify what is intended or anything certain at all.

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